Piccolo Jr.

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Name: Carlo
Age: 14
Race: Alien
Alignment: Evil
Opening Attack: Dodonpa
Ending Attack: Beam of Evil
Techniques/Attacks: Lasers, Mystic Attack, Kyodaika, Ki Blast
Biography: One of the most powerful fighters in Dragonball, Piccolo Jr. is a green-skinned, slug-like alien an unknown planet. Piccolo Jr.is the reincarnation of King Piccolo, his father. Just as he is dying (from a fatal blow by Goku), King Piccolo spits out an egg containing an unborn clone that is to become the embodiment in which King Piccolo reincarnates himself - Piccolo Jr. Because King Piccolo's spirit is reincarnated in the clone, he retains all of King Piccolo's memories and abilities. Although the final "spawn" of King Piccolo refers to himself only as Piccolo, rather than using his full title, he continues to hold the same dark powers over the spirit world, and so Piccolo is still considered the Great Demon King.  Piccolo holds many special natural abilities. He does not eat food, but needs only water for sustenance. The Nameks are a slug-like species, and thus Piccolo inherits multiple talents such as the regeneration of limbs and, after a time, asexual reproduction. He has fangs, super hearing, and purple blood. From the very day he is hatched, Piccolo Jr. vows to take revenge on the one who killed his original body - Goku. All during his youth, Piccolo Jr. continues to train in order to defeat and destroy Goku. The young Alien first appears at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, where he faces off with Goku in an extremely close match. Goku barely defeats Piccolo Jr. with a huge Kamehameha that knocks the Alien out cold.