Super Saiyan 4 Majin Vegeta

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Name: Reggie
Age: 19
Race: 1/2 Majin, 1/2 Saiyan
Alignment: Evil
Opening Attack: Atomic Blast
Ending Attack: Self Destruction
Techniques/Attacks: Ki Blast,Barrier,barrierx10,Big bang attack,Body change,burning attack,Choubakuretsumaha,Cosmic halo,Crusher ball,Cube fade,Death ball,Destructo disk,Dragon fist,Hyper tornado,Psychokenesis,Self destruction,Shockwave,Solar flare,Special Beam cannon,Spirit Bomb,Stone spit,Kaioken,Super kaioken,Thunder flash,Time freeze,Tri beam cannon,Earth line blast,Energy ring,Eye lazers,Father son kamehameha,Final flash,Final kamehameha,Death beam,Fusion dance,Galic gun,Imprisonment ball,instant transmission,Instantaneous Movement,Instantaneous Movement Kamehameha,Janemba portal,Kakusandan,Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha,kamehameha,Kamehameha Warfare,Ki barrier,Ki Sword,Kuukanteni Punch,Masenko,mini clone,mouth blast,Mouth fire blast,Multiple Energy Attack,Power ball,Power lend.
Biography: Many years after the defeat of Cell, the Z gang gathered once again to fight in the new World Martial Arts Tornament. Vegeta entered the tornament to fight Goku, who had been brought back just for that day. This later turned into a fight with Babidi's henchmen. Babidi during a fight that Gohan was having, turned Vegeta Majin using his powers. Majin Vegeta then blew away the two parts of the World Martial Arts Stadium to show his seriousness to fight Goku. Goku then told Babidi that he must send them to another place. Babidi did so and Majin Vegeta and Goku were sent to a deserted area to battle. The Super Saiyan 2's began their massive fight. They then continued their fight after the end of the connection. This again went on for a while. Back and forth they went. Attack after attack to each other. This was truly one of their best matches ever. Power was going everywhere. This energy was feeding to Majin Buu that Babidi was trying to release just then. After a bunch of blood shed, Goku asked to stop the fight bcause of sensing all of Majin Buu's power. Majin Vegeta went along with it and when Goku was off guard Main Vegeta Vegeta gave him a massive shot to the back of the neck and knocked him out. After looking at the fallen Goku, Majin Vegeta left to fight the now free Buu. Majin Vegeta began his fight with the fat fighter. Hit after hit Vegeta was destroying Buu. Although Majin Buu did have his powers to heal and many others, Majin Vegeta still was overpowering him greatly. Buu's ability to heal himself was beginning to get Majin Vegeta irritated. He finally decided to use his best attack. He then used his special self destruct attack with all his power in an attempt to kill Buu and himself.