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No matches won
(Loser) Majin Vegeta vs. Super Saiyan 3 Chibi Goku (Winner)
(Draw) Majin Vegeta vs. The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (Draw)
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Majin Vegeta knew he was outmatched by Chibi Goku's awesome power. But with true Saiyan pride that did not stop him from fighting anyway. He got in his fighting stance while Goku powered up to SSJ3! But Goku knew he was going over the line and power down to his regular form. The bell then sounded and the match was on. Goku used his Homing Shots on Majin Vegeta which made a direct hit so in desperation shot back an Atomic Blast. Goku dodged it and that's when Majin Vegeta rushed in for the punches and kicks all over Goku. Goku then caught 1 punch and sent a Destructo Disk after majin Vegeta which was quickly dodged. Goku then used the Nuova Death Star which got a direct hit. Majin Vegeta struggled to defend against it and it worked which dropped his defense to 0. He then fired a Final Flash which was also easily dodged by Goku. He then fired another Destructo Disc, but Majin Vegeta faded right behind Goku and had him in a choke hold. As Majin Vegeta powered up it was quickly reversed and he was in the choke hold. Goku then powered up to Super Saiyan and threw him into the ground with mighty force. And then that's when Goku's Destructo Disk finally cayght a direct hit. Majin Vegeta's power was cut in half and he was losing badly. But the proud saiyan wasn't finished yet as he struggled to regain his composure. He was back on his feet for the final assault. With the last of his Ki, Majin Vegeta fired his last Atomic Blast which was then blocled with a Ki Barrier to stop it just in time. Then Goku quickly got out and used his Blast Cannon to take Majin Vegeta down! The match was over, but Goku had respect for his opponent and let him use the Healing Device, which rejuvinated Majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta also had respect for his former rival, and bid a rematch for the next Tournament.
Once Again, Majin Vegeta was dealt a bad hand as he had to go up against one of the Bandits known as Broly. As the spectators looked on, Broly unleashed his almighty, powerful Power Ball that was lit in the sky. The Power Ball then turned Broly into an Oozaru. His power level was 10x its normal power and was way more stronger than Majin Vegeta's previous opponent which was Chibi Goku. Majin Vegeta then used his Atomic Blast which had merely no effect to Oozaru Broly. The Oozaru Beast then fired a Kamehameha at Majin Vegeta which was quickly dodged then a Destructo Disk was shot at Majin Vegeta. The weakened Majin Vegeta had no choice, but to use the Self Destruct technique since his other attacks weren't working. Broly quickly had no choice, but to use the Body Change technique to switch bodies with Majin Vegeta so that his attack could cancel out. Now Broly had control over Majin Vegeta's body and vice-versa. Majin Vegeta (Broly) then shot a series of Ki Blasts at the Beast (Majin Vegeta) which began to have no effect. The huge beast (Majin Vegeta) then began to trample Majin Vegeta (Broly) as he quickly took control. Broly (Majin Vegeta) was hesitent to attack in fear of destroying his own body. But then Broly (Majin Vegeta) swelled up at the power which went to his head, and wanted to keep the body. Majin Vegeta (Broly) seemed to be calm. The Oozaru Broly (Majin Vegeta) unleashed all of Broly's attacks on Majin Vegeta (Broly) himself. Majin Vegeta (Broly) seemed to want this to happen. As Broly (Majin Vegeta) was about to end the match, Majin Vegeta (Broly) used the Body Change technique again to return his body. They were back to normal and Broly had Majin Vegeta's body weakened from all the attacks Majin Vegeta did to it in his body. So then Majin Vegeta had no choice, but to try the Self Destruct attack again which finally came through. The spectators were hidden behind a Barrier 10x as the explosion teared through the stadium. They both were destroyed and the match ended in a draw.


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