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Training Area

Welcome to the Training Area where you can choose a place to learn attacks or just to train there. Training here will increase your power level by 300,000, Speed by 6000, Defense by 100, and Ki by 5000.
Master Roshi Island    
Members Here: No one
The very small island where Master Roshi lives also known as Kame House. He lives with his turtle and some other animals. He has a small house on the island. Training here for an hour increases your power level by 100,000, your Speed by 9000, your Defense by 300, and your Ki by 50,000.
Attacks to learn:
After Image Technique- 6 days
Hold of Truth- 16 days
Hypnosis- 11 days
Kamehameha- 15 days
Kamehameha Warfare- 7 days
Kara Kamehameha-
Mafuba- 20 days
Mafuba Reverse: 16 days
Psychokenesis- 14 days
Rock Scissors Paper Attack- 2 days
Baba's Place
Members Here: None
Not only is this place the home of Fourtuneteller Baba; it also contains a small number of fighting grounds and spooky attacks. Training here for an hour increases your power level by 50,000, your Speed by 3500, your Defense by 650, and your Ki by 30,000.  
Attacks to learn: 
Beam of Evil- 20 days
Fourtune Telling- 13 days
Master Shen's Place
Members Here: Yamcha, General Blue
This is where Master Shen teaches Tienshinhan and Choatzu. Shen is also brothers with Mercenary Tao. This place teaches various techniques that more confuses your opponent than cause any damage. Training here for an hour increases your power level by 150,000, your speed by 8000, your Defense by 400, and your Ki increases by 40,000.
Attacks to learn:
12 Eyes- 5 days
Dodonpa- 6 days
Shiyoken- 9 days
Solar Flare- 6 days
Tri Beam- 20 days
Red Ribbon Army Base
Memebers Here: None
The Red Ribbon Army first appear in Dragonball trying to find the Dragonballs at the same time as Goku in the earlier parts of the Dragonball series. In result of searching for the Dragonballs they send a wave of fear and destruction through the world as they searched for the Dragonballs. The RR Army's plan was to wish for world domination. The army was controlled by a short man name Commander Red. Commander Red had said that wish for the Dragonballs so the RR Army would do it, yet he secretly was going to wish to be tall. When Assistant Black found out about the real wish, he killed Commander Red, and took control of the army, re-naming it to the Black Ribbon Army. Soon after Goku destroys the entire RR Army, killing Black with it.
Attacks to learn
Arale Kick- 3 days
Electric Attack- 9 days
Korin Tower
Members Here: None
An enormous tower located in the western area of the world. It is rumored that a magical water is on the top of this tower. That water is said to increase the strength and speed of anyone who drinks it. This tower is the home of Korin; a wise cat. In about a day's time Goku becomes the second known human to climb to the top. Master Roshi had done the same many years before Goku. The magical water is no different from the water found the water on Earth. However; the quest to posses the water is the actual reason why anyone who drinks it becomes stronger and faster. Goku's Nimbus broke apart from a giant cloud that floats near Korin Tower. When Goku's Nimbus is inserted into a hole on top of Korin Tower. Here lies the sword that vanquishes weaker foes. Training here for an hour increases your power level by 800,000, your speed by 12,000, your Defense by 800, and your Ki by 1000
Attacks to learn:
Katana Slice
Specific Attacks:
Annin's Kyodaika- Only Annin 
Deadly Tounge- Only Mercenary Tao
Irome- Only Woman
Kyodaika- Only King Piccolo & Piccolo Jr.
Lasers- "
Merry-Go-Round Gum- Only Giran
Mystic Attack- Only King Piccolo & Piccolo Jr.
Poke- Only Mercenary Tao
Spirit Bomb- Only Yamcha
Wolf Fang Fist- "


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