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Blue's Plane
Price: $6000
Part of the Red Ribbon army, Blue used this plane to find and attack Goku (Dragonball). It has four wings on the corners with a small rocket pack in the rear. It bears the Red Ribbon name on the side of it. Can reach a destination in four days, this can also be used to attack enemies 5000 damage each shot, but can be destroyed in one shot.
Pilaf's Plane
Price: $4000
This is Pilaf's main air vehicle. Its small and can hold four passengers. Can reach destination in eight days.
Red Ribbon Army's Hydroplane
Price: $6000
A small plane that must land and take off on water. It can seat two passengers. Can reach destination in five days.
Red Ribbon Army's Small Fighter
Price: $2000
Similar to the Jet Momonga, it has two skis on the bottom and has various weapons in the front and back. Can reach destination in ten days
Yamcha's Plane
Price: $6000
This plane has a large booster on the back and can seat two. Can reach destination in six days.
Yellow's Plane
Price: $6000
Yellow, part of Red Ribbon, has his own plane that he uses. Its a simple plane with a propeller in the back and a Red Ribbon logo on the side. Can reach destination in five days. 
Capsule No. 8 - boat
Price: $3000
This boat was used during the early adventures of Goku and Bulma. Its a simple boat with an engine in the back. Can only be used overseas and can reach destination in twelve days.
Capsule No. 82 - Master Roshi's Driving Boat
Price: $5500
This is the Master Roshi's driving boat. It can hold three people and has a glass cover dome to protect passengers when submerged under water. Goku and Bulma were looking for a Dragonball, located deep under water. In order to get there, they needed a submarine vehicle. Goku and Bulma visited the Master Roshi to borrow this boat. Can only be used overseas and can reach destination in eight days 
Master Roshi's Hover Craft
Price: $6000
A normal hover boat. The boat can carry up to five people with a front and back seat. Can only be used overseas and can reach destination in nine days.
Red Ribbon Army's  Submarine
Price: $9000
This submarine is huge with a huge command tower. It can carry up to 100 people. If bears the Red Ribbon log on the hood of the sub. Was used during the time in the Pirates Headquarters by General Blue. Can only be used overseas and can reach destination in seven days.
Robo Suits
Battle Armor
Price: $20,000
This is a battle armor used by the Red Ribbon. It can hold one user. The suit boast protection for the user and can do allot of damage. It has a rocket launcher in the back. Was used by Red Ribbon Army's Assistant Black. This Suit starts off at 1000pl and can be trained to be stronger. This suit takes battle damage instead of you. 
Shu's Robot Suit
Price: $17,000
Similar to the battle armor, this is meant to be a robot suit. The right arm consists of a blaster and the left arm is a powerful grapple claw. It walks on four legs. This is used to steal items from other members. It can be destroyed in one shot.
Capsules Note: These Capsules' effect will change when they are bought so buy the best effect that suits you before someone else gets it. 
Capsule No. 31
Price: $ 50,000
This Capsule contains a 800,000 PL boost.
Box of Capsules
Price: $100,000
A box of 3 capsules that contain, 300,000 Speed Boost, 600 Defense Boost, and 8000 Ki Boost.
Other Technology
Dragonball Radar
Price: $65,000
Capable of detecting all the Dragonballs on earth. The front piece has a display that shows where and how far away you are from the nearest Dragonball(s). You can also set the range as to how much area you want to cover. The top button is used as an on and off switch. 

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