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BasketballThis game has a great theme song (ha). It truly is fun. See if you can beat your opponent at shooting and dunking. Play against the computer, a friend, or just practice. Every winning game you earn $5000, every losing game get $1000.


Golf6 different courses, great sound, good graphics, and fun game play. This Putt-Putt is sure to be a great game to play. First course completion $50, second course $300, third course $800, fourth course $2000, fifth course $3500, sixth course $6000.

Carpet Golf

BowlWhat can I say this is a good Bowling game with good graphics and fun game play. Don't swing to hard if you want to control the ball. If you score high you will make it on the high score list. Good Luck! First place earns you $9000, second place earns you $8000, third place earns you $5000. Anything down to the 20th earns $50.


Concrete DreamsPick from 4 levels, 4 colors, 3 detail levels, and 6 screen sizes, this game is truly an awesome Java version of future racing. 1st place earns you $4000 and runner-up earns $2000.  

Concrete Dreams

SnowboarderThis game has good graphics, and good sound, remember to look out for the trees, and hit all of the jumps. Get to the finish and earn $1500. 


Nothing: This is where you get $5 a week from life insurance.

There will be many more jobs to come once I finish getting more downloadable games.

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