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Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you people who wish to act or think like a DB character. Here are some questions you might have before you come to me and ask them.
PL: Power Level
Q: How do we fight?
A: First off you must battle in the Training Area. At times there are fights that go by turns and fights that go by your own speed at typing, but lets talk about the turns first. In turns it is called "Normal Battle" the one with the highest speed goes first, each turn the you do one attack unless you have a move that allows you to do more. Also if your Speed is as high as 50,000 or more you can dodge (people with infinite Speed can only dodge three times). The other type of fighting is known as "Skill Fighting" where the fastest typer can win. You use could use attacks from the site or use your own fist, kick action.
Q: How do you earn reputation?
A: Oh yes, the newest installment to version 6.0. Reputation can be earned depending on how your character acts. For example, a good person protects the innocent and tries to be friends with other members, this increases your reputation on the good side. A Nuetral member can be either good or bad and takes orders from no one (except maybe their wife or mom or something like that), believe it or not this can also increase your reputation by making you look like the tuff guy of the site. And a villan or evil character can either take orders from no one or take orders from someone that's evil. This also increases your reputation, but not in a good way. People won't look up to you, but hate you like if you make fun of their girlfriend or something, or to sum it up, someone who causes trouble. You will start off with 1% on your reputation meter and it can go to 0%
Q: Where can I find out which characters I can be?
A: The Available DB Characters page has a list of every known available DB character in the series.
Q: Where do I check my stats such as PL, Speed, Defense, and Ki and what not?
A: On the DB Members page click on the the character name and it will bring you to a page about all your characters info and whole bio on your character.
Q: Are there any transformations in Dragonball for the site?
A: Every series that has the word "Dragon" in it contains transformations including Dragonball. On the Transformations of the Human Race page it shows the one and only transformation and.... well go ahead and look.
Q: What kind of wishes can I make with the Dragonballs?
A: These dragonballs aren't like the new Earth Dragonballs or the Namekian, this dragon has limits. You can't wish for something that doesn't make sense like to wish to never lose or infinite money, be a little creative.
Q: How do I get my PL up?
A: Go to one of the Training Locations on the Training Area page and train in certain areas to get your power level up.

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