Dragon God Goku SSJ4

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Name: Undisclosed
Age: 19
Race: Saiyan
Alignment: Good
Opening Attack: Kamehameha
Ending Attack: Spirit Bomb
Techinques/Attacks: 10x Kamehameha, After Image Technique, Aftershock, Air Shadowing Energy Ball, Almighty Lightcage, Big Bang Attack, Big Bang Kamehameha, Blade Beams, Blast Cannon, Cross Kamehameha, Dragon Fist, Dragon Thuder Clap, Fusion Dance, Eis Ray, Electro Eclipse Ball, Final Flash, Final Shine Attack, Flame Bullet, Flaming Deathball, Flash Bomb, Homing Shots, Instant Transmission, Kamehameha, Mighty Hurricane Fury, Multiple Energy Attack, Negative Kharma Ball, Nuova Death Ray, Nuova Death Star, Omega Death Ball, Power Lend, Revenge Death Ball, Self Destruction, Shockwave, Solar Flare, Spirit Bomb, Sun Gun Attack, Super Gallec Gun, Tornado Drill, Whirl Wind Spin, Ki Blast
Biography: While Goku was gone, a villian named Baby has been causing chaos on Earth. Goku ends up reaching his ultimate form (Super Saiyan 4) and defeats Baby. After he killed Baby, he is reunited with some old enemies, Dr. Gero and Android 17, along with Dr. Myuu. Together they had created Super 17 which is killed by Goku using his Dragon Fist attack. After this battle 7 Shenrons come out of the cracking Dragon Balls, Goku and the Z Warriors fight off the evil Shadow Dragons. After defeating them all, Goku absorbs the Dragon Balls and flies off on the Eternal Dragon.