Super Saiyan Champion General Rildo


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(Winner) General Rildo vs. Chibi Goku (Loser)
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It was the first round of the tournament and the tension between General Rildo and Chibi Goku was beginning. Rildo then powered up to his final form as Chibi Goku stayed in his normal form. Chibi Goku started things off with the Final Shine Attack which was dodged by Rildo. Rildo then fired his Eis Ray at Chibi Goku which Goku then countered with the Nuova Death Ray. General Rildo fired the same Eis Ray attack once again at Chibi Goku which then connected. As Goku was caught in the Ice, General Rildo used the SIlver Spit technique which turned Chibi Goku to stone. General Rildo then proceeded to drag the Statue across the rong and placed it outside for the victory. General RIldo then turned Chibi Goku back into his regualr form.

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