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Here the planets in which to learn the most difficult of techniques or to train of home field advantages.
Planet of Darkness (Planet was bought by: No one)
Who's training here: No one
Planet Price: $700,000
The Planet of Darkness is where Yakon, the henchmen or minion of Babidi originally lived. When standing on the planet it is nearly impossible to see anything, unless you are native to this planet. Most inhabitants that live here have adapted to the darkness and can see through it. Fighting here lets Yakon attack twice every turn.
Planet Earth
Who's training here: Vegeta
Planet Earth is where most of the events, in Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT appear in. Earth is terrorized by Evil beings for many reasons, one because Dragonballs are on Earth, and two, Goku lives on Earth.
Attacks to learn
Burning Attack- 5 days
Destructo Disk- 11 days
Instantaneous Movement Kamehameha- 15 days
Kakusandan- 5 days
Kamehameha- 10 days
Kamehameha Warfare- 13 days
Ki Barrier- 5 days
Masenko- 7 days
Psychokenesis- 8 days
Solar Flare- 6 days
Tri Beam Cannon- 10 days
Planet Frieza #079
Who's training here: No one
This is one of Frieza's main headquarters. The Ginyu Force, Kui, Vegeta, King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza himself lives here. Vegeta comes to this planet after being defeated by Goku, and he heals himself here in a Rejuvenation Tank. Any changeling or member of the Ginyu Force that fights here get 1,000,000 extra on all thier attacks.
Attacks to learn
Body Change- 11 days
Crusher Ball- 5 days
Death Ball- 20 days
Earth Line Blast- 15 days
Frieza Beam- 20 days
Imprisonment Ball- 7 days
Mouth Blast- 6 days
Time Freeze- 13 days
Planet Kanassa (Planet was bought by: No one)
Who's training here: No one
Planet Price: $500,000
Kanassa is the home to the Kanassajins they are the race that Bardock's men destroyed under the orders of Frieza, to be sold on the market. They look like fish, and are very weak, but strong with telepathy. Bardock and the saiyans easily wipe out the inhabitants of the planet, but Bardock gets cursed by one of the and he receives the power of seeing into the future.
Planet Konat (Planet was bought by: No one)
Who's training here: No one
Planet Price: $800,000
Tapion and Minoshia are from Konat, we first see this planet in Movie 12 when Hildegarm attacks the planet. Not much history is known behind this planet. When Tapion or Minoshia fight here, thier power level increase by 12,000,000 every 5 turns.
Planet Meat (Planet was bought by: No one)
Who's training here: No one
Planet Price: $450,000
The whole planet was wiped out by Bardock, we know very little of its history or people, however we know their home planet was Planet Meat. But that doesn't tell you much, and their inhabitants look somewhat like the aliens from the movie Alien.
Planet Namek (Planet bought by: No one)
Who's training here: No one
Planet Price: $600,000
Planet Namek is the home to Nameks like Piccolo, Guru, Nail, Dende, and Kami. Thousands of years ago there was a disaster on Namek that killed all life forms on Namek, expect for one, Guru. Because of that Guru is the father to all Nameks, except for Piccolo and Kami, and also Lord Slug. Kami escaped Namek's destruction because his parents for saw the event and sent to Earth. Lord Slug escaped Namek's destruction some how also, But we know he is not Guru's child since Slug is far older than him. Any Namek that fights here increases thier power level by 6,000,000.
New Namek
Whos training here: Majin Vegeta
New Namek is the Namekiens second home, after Frieza ruthlessly destroyed the original Namek, in an attempt to kill Goku. New Namek's weather, and climate is much like Planet Nameks. Any Namek that fight here increase power level by 8,000,000.
Attacks to learn
Choubakuretsumaha- 17 days
Eye Lasers- 4 days
Fusion- 15 days (Only for Nameks)
Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha- 7 days
Special Beam Cannon- 14 days
Planet Vegeta
Who's training here: Kid Buu
Planet Vegeta was known as Planet Plant at one time. King Vegeta and his royal subjects lived here, along with Bardock and everyone else. The Saiyans served Frieza, being space pirates taking over planets for sale on the market. Eventually Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, because of his fear of a Saiyans power ascending to the Super Saiyan, and defeating him. Goku, Turles, Raditz, Nappa, Broly, and Vegeta, are the sole survivors, Frieza tells them the planet was hit by a comet and blew up and they all died.
Attacks to learn
Barrier- 7 days
Barrier x10- 16 days
Big Bang Attack- 12 days
Energy Ring- 8 days
Final Flash- 19 days
Final Kamehameha- 25 days (Have to know Kamehameha & Final Flash)
Galic Gun- 12 days
Multiple Energy Attack- 4 days
Power Ball- 12 days
Power Lend- 2 days
Self Destruction- 20 days
Shockwave- 9 days
Planet Yardrat
Who's training here: No one
Planet Yardrat is where Goku landed after taking off from the explosion on Namek. The people of Yardrat taught Goku the Instant Transmission. Goku also comes back with a strange set of Armor, he tells Vegeta, he received it from the Yardrats.
Attacks to learn
Instant Trasmission- 1 day
Other World
Who's training here: No one
040-24.jpgThis is where all the good fighters in the universe go. People that saved universe, etc.
Attacks to learn
Hyper Tornado: 11 days
Spirit Bomb: 20 days
Thunder Flash: 8 days
Fusion Dance: 8 days
Instantaneous Movement: 15 days
Kaioken: 6 days
Who's training here: Broly
008-00.jpgThis is where all the good fighters in the universe go. People that does evil in the universe, etc.
Attacks to learn
Cube Fade: 18 days
Stone Spit: 30 days
Janemba Portal: 13 days
Kuukanteni Punch: 15 days
Mini Clone: 23 days
Mouth Fire Blast: 15 days
Attacks for certain characters
Absorb- Only Buu
Change Beam- Only Buu
Chou no Ryoku- Only Bojack
Continuous Shine Shine Missle- Only Gotenks
Cosmic Halo- Only Fusions
SSJ3 Cosmic Halo- Only SSJ3 Fusions
Dragon Fist- Only SSJ3 Saiyans
Energy Absorbtion- Only 19, 20, and Super 17
Flesh Attack- Only Fat Buu
Gotenks' Rolling Thunder, Inoshishi Attack, Power Tackle, Miracle Super Punch, Great Kick Special, Magnum Sundae, Ultra Missle Parfait, Hyper Plasma Shortcake- Only Gotenks
Healing- Only Dende or Kibito
Healing- Only Buu
Hell's Flash- Only Android 16
Freeze Blast- Only Androids
Hercule Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch- Only Hercule
Ki Sword- Only Fusions
Light Eating- Only Yakon
Liqeuify- Only Super Buu
Mind Control- Only Wizards
Mystic Attack- Only Nameks, Cell, or Buu
Recoome Boom or Eraser Cannon/Gun- Only Recoome
Regeneration- Only Nameks, Cell, or Buu
Rocket Punch- Only Android 16
S.S. Deadly Bomb- Only Androids 
Self Repair- Only Metal Cooler
Special Human Extinction Attack- Super Buu
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack- Only Gotenks
Super Kaioken- Only Super Saiyans
Super Saiyan- Only Saiyans
Transform- Certain Races

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