Dragonball Z Attacks
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Ki Cost: 1,000,000
Type: Other
This is where the user absorbs another person into their body to gain their power. Cell uses his tail to absorb people, but only lasts until his last level. Where as Buu can use any part of his body at any time. Once absorbed the user's appearance changes. In the case of Buu he takes on the appearance of who ever he absorbs, and some of their characteristics.
Can only be used by Buu or Cell
Barrier (Stop an Attack)(Doesn't work if opponent is stronger than you)
Ki Cost: 10,000 
Type: Defense
This technique consists in using his own energy in order to generate a barrier around his body to defend from weaker enemies' attacks.
7 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Barrier x10 (Stop an Attack)
Ki Cost: 30,000
Type: Defense
This technique consists in using his own energy in order to generate a barrier around his body to defend from any kind of enemy attacks.
16 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Big Bang Attack (-40,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan: -50,000,000)
(Ultra Super Saiyan: -65,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 2: -80,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 3: -100,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 4: -150,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 150,000
Type: Beam
One of the first moves Vegeta learned after going Super Saiyan. He holds his arm a right angel to his body and lets loose a powerful ball of energy which explodes the atoms of the target.
12 days to learn at Planet Vegeta.
Body Change (Switch bodies with opponent for as long as you want)(Cannot be Dodged or Defended against)
Ki Cost: 600,000
Type: Beam
This is a move that is used to change your body into someone elses. The user places their arms and legs out and a beam is fired to the opponent. Once the bodies are changed the user gains the strength and speed of the target but not the special techniques, they also retain the ability to change bodies again if need be.
11 days to learn at Planet Frieza.
Burning Attack (-2,000,000pl)(Allows you to attack again)
(Super Saiyan: -4,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 800
Type: Blast
This is Future Trunks' trademark attack. He uses this on Frieza when he comes to Earth with King Cold. Although it does no direct damage, it is used primarily as a distraction from say Trunks' sword. It is performed by doing a complicated set of arm movements which end with the hands being brought together in a triangle shape and a ball of energy being released.
5 days to learn on Planet Earth.
Change Beam (Automatic Victory)(It's reversed if opponent is stronger than you)
Ki Cost: 50,000
Type: Beam
This is Buu's unique ability to turn anything into chocolate. Often he uses this attack to easily absorb an opponent's power. Super Buu uses this on Vegetto, but ends up getting beaten up by Vegito while he is a coffee cream!
Can only be used by Buu.
Choubakuretsumaha (-12,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 6000
Type: Blast
A very powerful blast which Piccolo performs by charging up his Ki with both hands in front of his torso. He uses this on Goku at the 23rd World Tournament.
17 days to learn on Planet Namek.
Chou no Ryoku (Traps opponent for 1 turn)(Drains 1,000,000pl from the opponent)
Ki Cost: 11,000
Type: Trap
A technique used by Bojack's henchmen in Movie #9. This technique traps an opponent with very thin strands of energy, which drain away the enegy of whoever is trapped by them.
Can only be used by Bojack.
Continuous Shine Shine Missle (-4,500,000pl)
(Super Saiyan: -6,000,000pl)
(Ultra Super Saiyan: -7,500,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 2: -9,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 3: -10,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 4: -15,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 2000
Type: Blast
One of Gotenks' attacks used against Buu. It is a good technique, unlike most of his other ones. Unfortunatly he gets rather carried away with it, and fails to notice Buu is right behind him, until Piccolo tells him.
Can only be used by Gotenks.
Cosmic Halo (Traps opponent for 2 turns)(If opponent is stronger than you, 1 turn)
Ki Cost: 31,000
Type: Trap
This is one of Gotenks' many goofy one time attacks. This one involves forming a ring of energy, that looks like a donut, and using it to trap his opponent. It is meant to be inescapable, but Buu gets out of it no problem.
Can only be used by Fusions. 
SSJ3 Cosmic Halo (Traps opponent for 4 turns)(If opponent is stronger than you, 2 turns)
Ki Cost: 50,000
Type: Trap
Literally "Continuous Cosmic Halos" is a Gotenks SSJ3 attack: it is like Cosmic Halo, but with four contracting energy rings being shot out, instead of just one. These rings surround the enemy and trap him by holding his limbs with the donut.
Can only be used by SSJ3 Fusions.
Crusher Ball (-3,000,000pl)(Allows you to attack again)
Ki Cost: 4000
Type: Projectile
We see this attack used by Jeice of the Ginyu Force, during the Frieza Saga. It is a bright orange ball of energy around the size of a basketball. It is charged in one hand and then hurled towards the opponent. It can be used to damage or as a distraction.
5 days to learn at Planet Frieza.
Cube Fade (Dodge an attack)(Can only be used 3 times in battle)
Ki Cost: 140,000
Type: Other
This is Janemba's invented ability to move anywhere instantly. He does this by shifting between dimensions momentarily.
18 days to learn in HIFL.
Death Ball (-30,000,000pl)(Can't be Dodged or Defended against)
(Form 2: -40,000,000pl)
(Form 3: -60,000,000pl)
(Form 4: -80,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 600,000
Type: Projectile
This is the attack Frieza uses to destroy planets. It was used on both Planet Namek and Planet Vegeta. It can be charged from the fingertip or both hands. It quickly grows to the size of a small moon and has immense destructive power.
20 days to learn at Planet Frieza.
Destructo Disk (-1/2 pl)(Doesn't work against people who are 10x stronger than you)
Ki Cost: 30,000
Type: Projectile
This attack creates a whirling circle of energy, which acts very much like a buzz saw and will cut through almost anything. It was used by Krillen in the battle with Nappa, and he uses it to cut off Frieza's tail. But the attack failed when it came to Cell's neck.
11 days to learn on Planet Earth.
Dragon Fist (Automatic Victory)(Cannot be Defended against)(Can only be used once in a battle)
Ki Cost: 1,200,000
Type: Melee + Blast
One of Goku's most powerful attacks. He uses this first in Movie #13 to defeat Hildegarn. He charges at the opponent calling upon the power of the Eternal Dragon to deliver an almighty punch!
Have to be Super Saiyan 3, Once reached Super Saiyan 4, this attack cannot be used anymore.
Dynamite Kick (-800,000pl)
Ki Cost: 500
Type: Melee 
This is one of Gotenks' one-time only attacks. It first appears to be just a normal kick. Except for the fact that Gotenks will shout "Detonate" as the kick connects. Then a few sconds later a massive explosion occurs at the point where the kick struck.
Can only be used by Gotenks.
Hyper Tornado (-29,000,000pl)(Allows you to attack again)
Ki Cost: 35,000
Type: Other
With this attack Pikkon creates a tornado around himself, and then brings it down on his opponent. The tornado then throws the opponent around and round, as the strong winds cut them over and over.
11 days to learn in Other World.
Psychokenesis (Control opponent for 2 turns)
Ki Cost: 22,000
Type: Trap
This technique involves controlling and manipulating people or objects with the mind.
8 days to learn on Planet Earth.
Recoome Boom or Eraser Cannon/Gun (-18,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 8000
Type: Blast
This is an attack used by Rikoom, a member of Ginyu Force, against Gohan on Namek: he creates many energy balls and shoots them at his opponent.
Can only be used by Recoome.
Regeneration (All Battle damage and stats go back to normal)
Ki Cost: 80,000
Type: Other
This enables the user to regenerate any part of their body. Cell can use it if there is just one cell of his body alive and all Majin Buu needs is a single dust particle.
Can only be used by Nameks, Cell, and Buu.
Rocket Punch (-3,000,000pl)(Cannot be Dodged)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Other
An attack used by Android 16 against Cell. He aims his fist at his victim, then his hand rockets off his arm.
Can only be used by Android 16.
S.S. Deadly Bomb (-23,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 40,000
Type: Blast
This is Super Android #13's ultimate attack. It is a largish, red energy ball, which has more than enough power to destroy the Earth.
Can only be used by an Android.
Self Destruction (Everyone on the Field Dies)(Cannot be Dodged or Defended against)
Ki Cost: All
Type: Other
This is Vegeta's ultimate attack. He uses all of the Ki in his body and feeds it into this massive explosion. The downside is that Vegeta uses ALL his energy, which ultimately kills him. All that is left of his body at the end is stone.
20 days to learn on Planet Vegeta and Androids know it.
Self Repair (Heal from Death)
Ki Cost: 100,000
Type: Other
This is Metal Cooler's ability to repair any damage done to his body, by using a metal deposit inside his body.
Can only be used by Metal Cooler.
Shockwave (-22,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 8000
Type: Blast
The first move that Nappa uses on Earth is this technique. With it he decimates an entire city. The technique is performed by raising two fingers and an expolsion is created which covers a wide area.
9 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Solar Flare (Allows you to attack twice)
Ki Cost: 5000
Type: Other
This attack is one of the most useful in the series. The user puts the hands up to the face and shouts "SOLAR FLARE", this causes the sun's rays to be amplified and reflected into the opponent's eyes, thus blinding them. This has been used many times with success. ex/ Goku against Vegeta, Krillen against Frieza, and Cell against Piccolo.
Special Beam Cannon (-23,000,000pl)
(-40,000,000pl when charged)
Ki Cost: 23,000
Type: Beam
This is an incredibly powerful beam that Piccolo first uses against Raditz and Goku. It is a straight Ki beam with another coiled around it. It is charged by putting two fingers against the forehead the fired by extending the arm and firing form the fingers. At first it takes Piccolo a few minutes, but eventually he can do it much quicker. It is Piccolo's trademark attack.
14 days to learn on Planet Namek.
Special Human Extinction Attack (-1/2pl and -900 from everyone on the site)
Ki Cost: 150,000
Type: Beam
This attack is the most devastating in all Dragonball Z. It is Super Buu's ability to kill every human on Earth. First he locks onto every human's Ki, then he releases a barrage of Ki bolts into the sky, these then rain down on every person on the planet, killing them all. The only survivors are those strong enough to defend the Ki blasts: Tien, Chouzu, Hercule, and the people on Kami's Lookout.
Can only be used by Buu.  
Spirit Bomb (-10,000,000,000pl)(Takes 4 turns to charge, can't attack during those turns)
Ki Cost: All
Type: Projectile
This attack was taught to Goku by King Kai, during his time in the afterlife. It allows the user to borrow energy from all the things around him. The energy is gathered by the user raising their arms upwards, this however does leave them open to attack as the strength of the attack is proportional to the time it takes to charge.
20 days to learn in Other World.
Stone Spit (Turn opponent to stone)
Ki Cost: 800,000
Type: Other
This is Dabura's unique ability to turn anything to stone just by spitting on it. He uses this to turn bo Krillen and Piccolo to stone. However, the process is reversed if Dabura dies.
30 days to learn in HIFL.
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (-12,000,000pl with each ghost that hits)(Limit of ghosts: 10)
Ki Cost: 70,000 each ghost
Type: Other
One of Gotenks' unique abilites. This attack creates little ghost like clones of the user. These ghost clones have a mind of heir own, but will listen to their creator. The ghosts will explode on contact with anything.
Can only be used by Gotenks.
Super Kaioken (Power up your stats by 20x for 1 turn)
Ki Cost: Need 700,000 Ki to use
Type: Power up
This is the ability to use the Kaioken attack while a Super Saiyan. Goku uses this against Pikkon in the Otherworld Tournament as a surprise attack.
Have to be Super Saiyan Level 1 and know Kaioken to use.
Super Saiyan (Information provided on Transformations Page)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Power up
The first of the SSJ transformations. This form is characterized by a massive leap in power, golden hair and green eyes. The first one to reach this stage was The Legendary Super Saiyan, the only one that Frieza ever feared, but the first we see in the series is Goku when fighting none other than Frieza. The transformation is triggered when someone of pure heart (Good or Bad) experiences extreme emotion, this takes over and allows the change. With training, afterwards the transformation is controlled and happens at will.
Have to be a Saiyan
Thunder Flash (-30,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 16,000
Type: Blast
Pikkon's ultimate attack. This attack shoots a massive column of fire out from the user's fists. Pikkon uses this three times on Goku in the Other World Tournament, but on the third time Goku counters with an Instant Kamehameha.
8 days to learn in Other World.
Time Freeze (Freeze time for 30 sec.)
Ki Cost: 350,000
Type: Trap
This attack is one of the most useful in all of Dragonball Z. By holding their breath the user can momentarily stop time. This lasts as long as the user can hold their breath. When time is stopped opponents can be attacked mercilessly, however Guldo does not possess enough power to freeze time and use Ki attacks at the same time.
13 days to learn on Planet Frieza.
Tri Beam Cannon (-37,000,000pl)
PL Cost: 12,000,000
Type: Beam
This is Tien's most powerful attack. It is performed by placing the hands in a triangle shape and shooting out the blast from this. The attack is so powerful that it will drain the user's life force to use it. In the battle with Nappa, Tien uses this until he dies from exhaustion.
10 days to learn on Planet Earth.
Transform (Information provided on the Transformation Page)
KI Cost: ????
Type: Power up
This is the ability to transform into a different form in order to conserve energy. When transformed the user has a much higher power level than before.
Have to be a certain race.

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