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Earth Line Blast (-1/2pl)
Ki Cost: 35,000
Type: Beam 
This attack is the one Frieza tries to use on Goku. This beam can seemingly cut through anything. Goku manages to avoid it, but it does a fair amount of damage to the Planet Namek.
15 days to learn on Planet Frieza.
Energy Absorption (Absorb Ki Blasts and add the Ki to your Ki)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Other 
This is Android 19 and 20's inbuilt ability to absorb any energy they can find using the red circles on their palms. Android 20 uses this to drain Yamcha of most of his life, and Android 19 later uses it to absorb Goku's Kamehameha.
Can only be used by Androids 19 and 20 and by Super 17.
Energy Ring (Trap opponent for 4 turns, if opponent is stronger, 2 turns)
Ki Cost: 15,000
Tpye: Trap
This attack is used by Majin Vegeta during his fight with Goku in the Buu Saga. When he has Goku backed up against a wall he shoots five of these rings, which pins his arms, legs and neck to the wall.
8 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Eye Lasers (-850,000pl)(Cannot be Dodged)
Ki Cost: 200
Type: Beam 
This is a thin, highly accurate beam of energy shot from the eyes. We first see it used by Piccolo to shut Gohan up, but he makes it weak on purpose. Later we see Frieza use it and Android 20 uses it to destroy most of an island.
4 days to learn on Planet Namek.
Father & Son Kamehameha (-130,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan: -160,000,000pl)
(Ultra Super Saiyan: -190,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 2: -220,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 3: -260,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 35,000 & 35,000 from someone in Other World
Type: Beam
This is where a some one who is dead assists someone alive with a Kamehameha. Goku helps out Gohan against Cell, and he also helps out Gohan and Goten against Broly in DBZ Movie #10.
Have to know Kamehameha and someone has to assist you from Other World that also knows Kamehameha. 
Final Flash (-60,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan: -80,000,000pl)
(Ultra Super Saiyan: -110,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 2: -140,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 3: -160,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 4: -200,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 350,000
Type: Beam
One of Vegeta's coolest attacks. He first uses it to try and destroy Perfect Cell. It is charged with the arms spread out, palms facing the opponent. Then the wrists are brought together, like in the Kamehameha, and an almighty blast of Ki is let rip!
19 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Final Kamehameha (-125,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan: -160,000,000pl)
(Ultra Super Saiyan: -205,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 2: -250,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 3: -290,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 4: -850,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 710,000
Type: Beam
This is Vegito's brilliant combination of two of Goku's and Vegeta's best attacks. A very powerful blast which Vegito uses when he fights Super Gohan Buu.
Have to know Kamehameha and Final Flash, 25 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Flesh Attack (Trap opponent for the rest of the match)(Doesn't work if opponent is stronger than you)
Ki Cost: 700,000
Type: Other
This is the technique used by Buu when he rips a part of his body and hurls at his target to wrap it so this cannot move anymore.
Can only be used by Fat Buu.
Frieza Beam (Automatic Victory)(Cannot be Defended against)
Ki Cost: 80,000
Type: Beam
This is a thin, high energy beam shot from one finger. Similar to the Dodon Ray, except that the beam slices through the target rather than exploding.
20 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Fusion Dance (Fuses 2 people for a half hour)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Other
Created by the Metamaries, which Goku meets in Other World. The first people to use it in the series were Goten and Trunks, who fused into Gotenks.
8 days to learn in Other World.
Fusion (Fuses 2 Nameks forever)
Ki Cost: 1 person loses all thier ki
Type: None
This is Namekian Fusion. In this type of fusion, the two Namekians are perminatly joined together, but only the characteristics of one are kept, plus a massive increase in power. Whoever does the fusion will be absorbed into the other Namekian.
Can only be done by Namekian's. 15 days to learn on Planet Namek.
Galic Gun (-19,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan: -25,000,000pl)
(Ultra Super Saiyan: -30,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 128,000
Type: Beam
This is one of Vegeta's Trademark attacks. It is first used in the Saiyan Saga against Goku. The energy is gathered behind the user with the backs of the hands together then the hands are brought forward with the palms outward.
12 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Gotenks' Rolling Thunder, Wild Boar Attack, Power Tackle, Miracle Super Punch, Great Kick Special, Magnum Sundae, Ultra Missle Parfait, Hyper Plasma Shortcake (-4,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Melee
This is a repeating attack used by Gotenks vs Majin Buu which involves a series of particular techniques.
Can only be used by Gotenks.
Healing (Heals someone from battle damage and brings stats back up)
Ki Cost: 12,000
Type: Other
This is Dende's and Kibito's ability to completely heal anyone who has been injured. The do this by placing their hands over the injured person and in a few seconds they are healed. This comes in very handy during the Frieza, Cell and Buu Sagas.
Can only be used by Dende and Kibito.
Healing (Heals someone from Death or Battle Damage)
Ki Cost: 18,000
Type: Other
This is exactly the same as Dende's and Kibito's technique. The only difference is that Majin Buu uses his forelock to do the healing and he can regenerate body parts.
Can only be used by Buu.
Hell's Flash (-25,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 70,000
Type: Blast
Underneath Android #16's hands are very powerful laser cannons. Once his hands are removed Android #16 uses these laser cannons to unleash the awesome Hell's Flash attack.
Can only be used by Android 16.

Freeze Blast (Opponent will be frozen for 2 turns)
Ki Cost: 35,000
Type: Trap
 A technique used by Ebifurya in DBZ Movie #2. With this he has the ability to freeze anything with a quick blast from his hand.
Can only be used by Androids.
Hercule Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch (-900pl)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Melee
Hercule uses this when Android 18 asks him to do his most powerful attack. He yells "Hercule Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch" and punches her. She asks if that was it and he says yes, so she throws herself out of the ring. When asks by reporters a few minutes later the name of the attack, Mr. Satan can't even remember!!!
Can only be used by Hercule. 
Imprisionment Ball (-25,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 12,000
Type: Trap
A great technique devised by Frieza. First, this technique locks the opponent in an paralizing ball of light. This ball explodes upon contant with the ground. Unfortunatly for Frieza, it did not work on Goku, as he was able to escape the ball, the instant it exploded.
7 days to learn on Planet Frieza.
Instant Transmission (Dodge an attack)(Can only be used twice in battle and anytime when transporting to other planets)
Ki Cost: 11,500
Type: Other
One of the series' most useful techniques. This allows the user to dematerialize and move as a mass of light. The only downside to the technique is that the user requires a Ki target to "lock onto". Goku learned this technique from the Yardrats after he escaped from the exploding Planet Namek.
1 day to learn on Planet Yardrat.
Instantaneous Movement (Transport anywhere in the Universe and cannot be used in Battle)
Ki Cost: 500
Type: Other
This is Kibito's ability to get any where in the universe instantly. He uses it to transport Supreme Kai, Gohan, and himself to the Kai Planet. But unlike Goku's Instant Transmission, Instantaneous Movement does not require the user to lock onto a Ki target and cost less Ki to use. They can go anywhere regardless of if there is a Ki target there.
15 days to learn in Other World.
Instantaneous Movement Kamehameha (-65,000,000pl)(Cannot be Dodged or Defended against)
(Super Saiyan: -80,000,000pl)
(Ultra Super Saiyan: -95,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 2: -110,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 3: -130,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 46,500
Type: Beam
This is a brilliant attack combination by Goku, which can fool even the smartest enemies. He charges the Kamehameha as normal in front of his opponent, then at the last second he uses Instant Transmision to get close to the opponent and let the blast rip.
Have to know Kamehameha and Instant Transmission, 15 days to learn on Planet Earth.
Janemba Portal (Absorbs your opponents attack)
Ki Cost: 40,000
Type: Devensive
During the fight with Goku, Janemba uses the defencive technique to absorb one of Goku's Ki Blasts into a small portal that he creates.
13 days to learn in HIFL.
Kaioken (Power up your stats by 3x for 1 turn)
Ki Cost: Need 40,000 Ki to use
Type: Power up
This was taught to Goku in the afterlife by King Kai. It is a power up technique that allows the user to amplify their Ki by how ever much they desire. Goku should not have been able to go past two times Kaioken, but after training under 100x Earth's gravity he could increase it to 20x. The number denotes by how much the user's power level is times. Denotes will be added soon.
6 days to earn in Other World.
Kakusandan (-10,000,000pl)(Cannot be Dodged)
Ki Cost: 23,000
Type: Blast
The ability to fire two blasts, then merge them together and split them so you have multiple Ki bolts raining down on your opponents. Krillen uses this attack to destroy all but one of Nappa's remaining Saibamen.
5 days to learn on Planet Earth.
Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha (-30,000,000)(Cannot be Dodged)
Ki Cost: 38,000
Type: Blast
This involves the attacker firing many Kikou Ha's at their opponent which are made easy to avoid on purpose. The attacker makes these Kikou Ha's then wait behind the opponent, making sure the opponent is surrounded. With their opponent trapped the attacker makes the Kikou Ha's converge on their opponent causing mass damage.
7 days to learn on Planet Namek.
Kamehemeha (-65,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan: -80,000,000pl)
(Ultra Super Saiyan: -95,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 2: -110,000,000pl)
(Super Saiyan 3: -130,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 35,000
Type: Beam
The signature attack of Goku. We first see it performed in Dragonball Z abainst Raditz, but didn't appear to work. The attack is charged with cupped hands behind the back, then brought to the front with the arms outstretched, and fired.
10 days to learn on Planet Earth.

Kamehameha Warfare (Blocks another Kamehameha)(The one who puts in the most Ki wins the match)
Ki Cost: 35,000
Type: Beam
The ability to block one Kamehameha with another. This is simply firing your Kamehameha at an oncoming one. Gohan uses this on Cell. To decide to winner, whoever puts more Ki into it is the winner and gets hit by both Kamehameha's.
13 days to learn on Planet Earth.
Ki Blast (-500,000pl)
Ki Cost: 600
Type: Blast
This is just a simple energy blast. They are very often weak, and are mainly used to deflect larger beams or to distract. But can be effective against lesser opponents.
Everyone will know this technique except certain Humans (ex/ Hercule, Chi Chi, ex.).
Ki Barrier (Blocks a Ki Attack)(The attack deducts your Ki instead of your PL)
Ki Cost: 23,000
Type: Other
This technique involves the user forming a barrier of Ki around them that can withstand anything, as long as the user his Ki to supply to it. Android 17 uses this to escape Piccolo's Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha and Gohan uses it to stop Krillin, Piccolo, and himself being sucked into the Dead Zone in the Garlic Jr. Saga.
5 Days to learn on Planet Earth or 2 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Ki Sword (Traps opponent for one turn)
Ki Cost: 15,000
Type: Trap
In this very cool attack, Vegito makes a sword of Ki and uses it to impale Buu. Players of Final Bout may be familiar with this attack.
Can only be used by Fusions.
Kuukanteni Punch (Attack opponent 3 times)(Cannot be Dodged)
Ki Cost: 90,000
Type: Other
One of Janemba's unique moves. With this attack he creates a hole in time and space that has an entrance and an exit. He then punches into this hole and his fist comes out of the exit, allowing to attack enemies from afar.
15 days to learn in HIFL.
Light Eating (Absorbs your opponents energy to Transform)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Other
With this technique the user can eat Light Energy (Ki) much like eating food. This technique ultimately proves to be Yakon's undoing, as Goku's SSJ aura provides Yakon with more energy than he can handle and he explodes.
Can only be used by Yakon.
Liquify (Automatic Victory, unless oponent can regenerate or is Immortal)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Other
This is a very unique technique that Super Buu uses. First he liquefied his body and then shoots down his opponent's throat. Once inside their body Buu expands until his opponent explodes.
Can only be used by Super Buu.
Masenko (-20,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 9000
Type: Blast
Teen Gohan's trademark energy blast. It is charged with one hand behind the other above the head, then the hands are brought in front of the chest to fire the attack.
7 days to learn on Planet Earth. 
Mind Control (Control opponent for as long as you wish)
Ki Cost: 1,000,000
Type: Other
This is Babidi's ability to enslave anyone with evil in their heart. He uses this on many people, including Vegeta. When enslaved the person has the Majin symbol on their body.
Can only be used by a Wizard.
Mini Clone (Throw the same attack to destroy the oncoming one)
Ki Cost: 30,000
Type: Other
When Goku charges up a Kamehameha during his fight with Janemba in Movie #12, Janemba comes up with a unique way of countering it. He creates a Mini Goku to fire it's own Kamehameha back at the regular Goku.
23 days to learn in HIFL.
Mouth Blast (-8,000,000pl)(Cannot be Dodged)
Ki Cost: 4000
Type: Blast
This is the ability to shoot a Ki blast from your mouth. It can be a very surprising attack, and one which is usually very powerful.
6 days to learn on Planet Frieza.
Mouth Fire Blast (-18,000,000pl)
Ki Cost: 8000
Type: Blast
This is a blast of fire shot from the mouth. It is used in Movie #13 by Hildegarn on Vegeta, after he gets knocked into an office block.
15 days to learn in HIFL.
Multiple Energy Attack (-1,500,000pl each shot)
Ki Cost: 200,000 each shot
Type: Blasts
Vegeta's typical technique, later used by some other characters. It consists in a series of Ki, shot from the palm of the hand.
4 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Mystic Attack (Allows you to attack first no matter how fast your opponent is)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Other
This is a unique Namekian ability. With this a Namek can stretch out their arms and legs, and use them to attack opponents which are usually far away. Very good as a surprise attack.
Can only be used by Nameks, Cell, and Buu.
Power Ball (Turns you into Oozaru)
Ki Cost: 75,000
Type: Projectile
This is the ability to create a fake moon by compressing the atmosphere with a ball of energy. Once the fake moon has been made a Saiyan can use this to turn Oozaru, just as Vegeta did against Goku.
12 days to learn on Planet Vegeta.
Power Lend (Allows you to offer your stats with someone else)
Ki Cost: None
Type: Other
This technique is used to lend power to someone to make them stronger. It is used in Movie #8 when the Z Warriors lend their power to Goku, so he can defeat Broly.
1 day to learn on Planet Vegeta.

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