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Saiyan Armor
Price: $3500
Saiyan ArmorSaiyan Armor is the armor That all Frieza and his soldiers wore. The armor is quite flexible, a example of that is when Vegeta became Oozaru and his armor did not break, Bulma based her armor that she made for Goku and Gohan in the Cell Saga on designs of Saiyan Armor. A downfall on this kind of armor is that it is heavier than some of the newer models, therefore slowing you down, but the good thing, is that it covers more area, to protect you more. This reduces battle damage to 1/4.
Advanced Saiyan Armor
Price: $5500
Advanced Saiyan ArmorWe see the more advanced version of the Saiyan Armor in the Frieza Saga, after Vegeta takes some armor from Frieza's HQ Space Ship. It appears to be much like the Capsule Corporation Armor. It is much lighter and flexable than the previous versions, that Gohan and Krillin were wearing at the time. The appearence is easier on the eyes, its mostly just white, and not much other variations in color. This reduces battle damage to 1/2.
Capsule Corporation Armor
Price: $9000
Capsule Corporation ArmorThe Capsule Corporation Armor was made by Bulma, and based on the Saiyan Armor. Capsule Corp. Armor is very flexible, like its Saiyan counterpart, but unlike the Saiyan's version, it is lighter, to increase the fighters speed and agility. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks all where this armor in the Cell Saga, when they enter the Hyper Bolic Chamber. Bulma also offers it to Piccolo, but he refuses to where it because he does not have Saiyan hertiage. This reduces battle damage to 1/8.
Old School Armor
Price: $2000
Old School Saiyan ArmorThis armor is worn about 40 years before Dragonball Z, there is a large change of colors, and size of the armor. The old version of Saiyan Armor, as you see to the left, has dark shades of Blue, almost looking black, and a greenish yellow on the ab part. The newer versions have white chest plates, and golden/orange ab and shoulder parts. The old school armor probably doesn't take as much damage as the newer versions, and it probably does stretch like the newer versions do. This reduces battle damage to 1/10.
Weighted Namekian Clothing
Price: $5000
001-10.jpgThis is the weighted training clothing used by Piccolo used througout most of the series. He trains with this armor with the weight carring up to 500 lbs. This clothing increases training by 350,000. 
Babidi's Spaceship
Price: $40,000
Babidi's Space Ship is a gigantic ship containing six different stages and can hold over 100. Babidi keeps the ship hidden, by burying it underground, so Supreme Kai and Kibito couldn't find it. One room is for Dabura's energy meditiation, another for Babidi to spy with his crystal ball, three rooms to steal energy, and one room where Buu's Egg is hiding. In Babidi's Space Ship, the Z Fighters fight, Yakon, Pui Pui, Dabura, Majin Buu, and some other henchmen of Babidi are stationed in here but they probably don't do much. Can reach destination in eight days. 
Saiyan Space Pod
Price: $25,000
This ship is used by the Saiyan Race, including, Vegeta, Goku, Nappa, and Raditz. The Ginyu Force also uses something similar to the Saiyan Pod, but it has the Ginyu Logo on its door. The Saiyan Pods are designed to carry one person, and they are very durable, thus letting them go into atomospheres without burning up, and taking impact with breaking. Inside the Pod there is one seat, a couple buttons and controls, an image projector, and an intercom system. The Saiyan Pod is a very effective way of traveling. Light, Durable, and Fast. Can reach destination in three days.
Capsule Corporation Space Pod
Price: $30,000
This Ship is used by Goku to reach Planet Namek, Vegeta also uses it in the Garlic Junior Saga, to ascend to the Super Saiyan Level. The CC Space Pod is based on the design of the Saiyan Space Pods. They studied Nappa's left behind Space Pod, and used its engine. Dr. Briefs added a speciel Gravity Machine which alters the gravity in the pod to increase Goku's or Vegeta's training intesity. The machine can multiply earth gravity by 2-200x more than the normal Earth Gravity. It can carry up to four people. It can also increase training by 2x. Can reach destination in five days.
Frieza's Ship
Price: $38,000
This ship looks very much like some kind of bug. Frieza and his father, King Cold both use this kind of ship. We first see this used in the Frieza saga, and then later on in the Trunks Saga. It has many legs on the sides, and then an opening in the top of the ship. Frieza's space ship is like a stationary for Frieza's men while they are on different planets. Frieza's ship is just huge, it has healing tanks, armor supply, laser supply, probably hundreds of men stationed inside it too. Can reach destination in seven days.
Namek Ship
Price: $21,000
This ship is orginally used by Kami when he journeyed to Earth, becasue of he forsaw the destruction of Namek and escaped it before it happened. The ship is very old, probably over 200 years, but after a few adjustments, it works fine and Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma use it again in the Frieza Saga, to get to Namek. To operate the ship you must speak to it in the Namekian Language. Mr. Popo teaches her some basic Namek, and they say the password, "Piccolo" to open the door and go into the ship. Once they reach Namek two of Frieza's henchmen destroy it. Can reach destination in four days.
Clothing Note: These Clothing Attires are only one per person and will change the picture on your character page. Also, only certain characters can choose these clothes. 
Adult Gohan's Attire
Price: $4000
191-19.jpgThis is the attire Gohan trained in, in prepreation for the World Tournament.
Adult Gohan's Other World Attire
Price: $3000
247-60.jpgThis is the attire Gohan trained in, in the Other World.
Android 17's Attire
Price: $7000
This is Android 17's new attire seen in the Kid Buu saga.
Android 18's Attire
Price: $4500
143-24.jpgThis is the clothing she stole from Chi Chi's House.
Android 18's Attire #2
Price: $6500
191-09.jpgThis is the first attire seen worn by Android 18.
Bulma's Attire
Price: $8000
027-28.jpgThis is one of the many attires worn by Bulma before her journey to Namek.
Bulma's Attire #2
Price: $8000
186-07.jpgThis is the attire Bulma used when she aided Gohan for a secret Disguise.
Goku's New Attire
Price: 9000
276-05.jpgThis is the last attire seen by Goku.
Teen Gohan's Attire
Price: 5000
166-41.jpgThis is the attire Teen Gohan used against Perfect Cell.
Capsule Corporation Inventions Note: These Capsules' effect will change when they are bought so buy the best effect that suits you before someone else gets it. 
Price: 65,000
This Capsule contains a 3,800,000 PL boost.
Capsule Case
Price: $110,000
A box of 3 capsules that contain, 18,000,000 Speed Boost, 3800 Defense Boost, and 180,000 Ki Boost.
Android Remote Control
Price: $78,000
143-02.jpgAn imitation of Dr. Gero's emergency stop controller, this is a device that can send radio signals to set off self destruct mechanisms in Android 17 and 18. This can be used to shut off any android.
Dragonball Radar
Price: $65,000
042-13.jpgCapable of detecting all the Dragonballs on earth. The front piece has a display that shows where and how far away you are from the nearest Dragonball(s). You can also set the range as to how much area you want to cover. The top button is used as an on and off switch. This device will capture 1 dragonball everyday. 
Rejuvination Chamber
Price: $45,000 
042-15.jpgThe Reguvination Chamber was a tank that filled itself up with a chemical very similar to the person inside it's DNA. The chemical would heal all the wounds of the person in record time, allowing warriors to get back to fighting quicker.
Saiyaman Transformation Suit Watch (Can only be bought by Adult Gohan and Videl)
Price: $10,000
186-14.jpgThis watch was worn by Gohan so he can change his gear on the fly. Wearing his normal street clothes, Gohan can press a few buttons to transform into Great Saiyaman.
Price: $5000
001-07.jpgModeled after Raditz's broken scouter, Bulma was able to tinker around with it and fix it. It is not known if Capsule Corporation actually built their own Scouters, but it is known that Bulma was able to fix the scouter back into regular condition and to have english appear on the scouter instead of the original laungue. This is used to caculate someones power level during battle.
Janemba's Sword
Price: $700,000
Janemba's Sword is seen in movie 12 and is used only by his second form. The sword is a deep red color, with a silver hilt and is by far the coolest looking sword in dbz. He uses the sword against Goku, and although he was an excellent swordsmen, Goku eventually killed him anyway. -1/2pl with each shot. Requires and costs 10,000,000 Ki to use.
Minosha's Sword
Price: $50,000
Tapion's brother, Minosha, had a Legendary Sword that was seemingly identical to his brother's except that the hilt decorations faced downward instead of up. He used this sword to fight Hildergarn, and even though he was a great sword master he could not defeat this ancient monster. He was destroyed, and his sword perished with him. -25,000,000pl each shot. Requires and costs 900,000 Ki to use.
Tapion's Sword
Price: $50,000
The warrior Tapion wielded a Legendary Blade that was identical to Minosha's except for the decorations. During movie 13, Tapion does not fight much, but at the end of the movie he gives his sword to Trunks. This was an attempt by TOEi to explain how Trunks got his sword, but it leaves a lot of plot holes. How trunks came upon this sword in the real timeline is unknown. After a while of using it, Trunks becomes very precise in his movements, and with the sword combined with his Super Saiya-jin power, he became a very formidable foe. It was with this sword that he defeated the Tyrant Furiza and King Cold. -25,000,000pl each shot. Requires and costs 900,000 Ki to use.
Z Sword
Price: $2,000,000
The Legendary Z Sword was introduced to us during the Buu Saga. It is a holy sword that was stuck in the ground by an 'incredibly strong evil fellow' (according to Elder Kai) after the evil fellow trapped Elder Kai in the sword. It had been stuck in the rocks for fifteen generations, all who tried to pull the sword out failed. It was said that whoever succeeded in pulling the sword out would receive incredible power, enough power to defeat even Buu. However, the receiving of the power was far different than anyone could have guessed. Power increase by 30,000,000pl and automatic victory if on contact. Requires and costs 25,000,000 Ki to use.

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