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Here are the planets of GT to learn new attacks and to find the Black Star Dragonballs.
Population: Syn Shenron
Planet EarthOur home planet and also the home planet of the majority of the Z Senshi. All of Dragonball, a large part of Dragonball Z and a few movies occur here. It is a very fertile planet which harbors a rich variety of life. It is different to the Earth we live on, the humans are far more advanced and is home to dinosaurs and talking animals.
Attacks to learn
After Image Technique: 6 days
Big Bang Kamehameha: 20 days
Blast Cannon: 5 days
Cross Kamehameha: 12 days
Final Flash: 19 days 
Final Shine Attack: 19 days
Flash Bomb: 18 days
Instant Transmission: 9 days
Kamehameha: 10 days
Power Lend: 2 days
Self Destruction: 40 days
Solar Flare: 5 days
New Planet Tuffle
Population: No one
Planet MeatThis planet was created by Baby after using the dragonballs to wish back his planet. This planet is right next door to the planet Earth. He then transports almost everyone on Earth to this planet.
Attacks to learn
Big Bang Attack:
Blade Beams: 3 days
Flaming Deathball: 20 days
Homing Shots: 8 days
Revenge Death Ball: 23 days
Super Gallec Gun: 24 days
Planet M2
Population: Chibi Goku
17-01.jpgThis is where all the Machine Mutents are born. The Tuffle, Dr. Myuu made almost all the creations here. It all started when the tuffels were destroyed. He came here and continued the design on Baby. He then built his top mercenary General Rildo and thus began the rest of the Machine Mutents.
Attacks to learn
Electro Eclipse Ball: 18 days
Multiple Energy Attack: 4 days
Tornado Drill: 7 days 
Medical Planet
Population: General Rildo
23-77.jpgThe Medical Planet is where you go to heal yourself from any damage by opponents. This place can also heal you from any other type of perminent damage. This place has the most highly advanced technology in the Universe.
Other World
Population: No one
dbgtepisode48_160.jpgThis is where all the good fighters in the universe go. People that saved universe, etc.
Attacks to learn
Dragon Fist: 27 days
Fusion Dance: 8 days
Spirit Bomb: 20 days
Population: No one
dbgtepisode44_235.jpgThis is where all the evil fighters in the universe go. People that do bad things in the universe, etc.
Attacks to learn
Almighty Lightcage: 8 days
Shockwave: 9 days
Attacks for certain characters
10x Kamehameha: 10x stronger than you were
Absorb: Only Naturon Shenron
Aftershock: 1 day with 7 star Dragonball
Air Shadowing Energy Ball: 1 day with 6 star Dragonball
Blast Absorbtion: Only Buu
Change Beam: Only Buu
Dragon Thunder: Only Omega Shenron
Dragon Thuder Clap: 1 day with 5 star Dragonball
Eis Ray: 1 day with 3 star Dragonball
Energy Absorbtion: Only Super 17
Flame Bullet: 1 day with 4 star Dragonball
Heating Defense: Only Nuova Shenron
Installment: Only The Sigma Force
Machine Gun Fun: Only Androids (excluding Cel)
Mighty Hurricane Fury: 1 day with 6 star Dragonball
Mind Control: Only Baby
Mystic Attack: Only Nameks, Cell, Buu, and Machine Mutents
Negative Kharma Ball: 5 days with all Dragonballs
Nuova Death Ray: 2 days with 4 star Dragonball
Nuova Death Star: 1 day with 4 star Dragonball
Nuova Sphere: Only Nuova Shenron
Omega Death Ball: 3 days with 1star Dragonball
Planet M2  Protection: Only Machine Mutents
Pollution: Only Haze Shenron
Rocket Punch: Only General Rildo
Self Repair: Only General Rildo
Shadow Dragon Power: All Shadow Dragons
Silver Spit: Only General Rildo
Slime Absorbtion: Only Rage Shenron
Sun Gun Attack: 1 day with 4 star Dragonball
Super Saiyan: Only Saiyan
Transfrom: Certain race
Trickster Ball: Only Fusions
Wave Pool Defense: Only Oceanus Shenron
Whirl Wind Spin: 1 day with 6 star Dragonball

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