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Black Star Dragonballs
These balls were also created by Kami, but when he was origanally fused with Piccolo, since Kami was so strong when these were created they have incrediable power and you can wish for ANYTHING.

1. Must gather all seven Dragon Balls
2. One wish per gathering
3. After the wish is made, Shenron will disappear
4. The Dragonballs will not turn to stone, but will scatter themselves around the Universe

5. Shenron can grant any wish (including destroying people)
7. One month after a wish is made the planet the balls were used on last will explode


Black Star Dragon:
The Black Star Dragon has been made by Kami when he and Piccolo were still one person. The dragon can do whatever you want. After you wish has been made the dragonballs spread around the universe not the planet the wish was granted on. Then you got the big problem, because if the Black Star Dragonballs aren't brought back to the planet where the wish was granted on that planet will blow up! Im exactly to sure why the Dragonballs for this dragon still work since the person that Kami originaly was split up in to Piccolo then Piccolo fused back with Kami also Kami ages so much and got so much weaker how these balls are still so strong and still working I dont know.

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