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Many of you may have heard of the Lost Episode but have no clue to what they are. Well this guide will hopefully help you out and answer all your questions.

The so called "Lost Episodes" are really not lost at all. When FUNimation began dubbing GT they decided to skip over all of these episodes and start with the episodes that were more like Dragonball Z. When Dragonball GT first started in japan it was a lot different than DBZ and wasn't as action packed. Because it had such terrible ratings they quickly got their act together and tried to make it like everyone wanted. This is why FUNimations skipped those episodes.

Heres a brief description of what happens in the Lost Episodes:
10 years have passed since Goku and Uub left to train in the lookout. Goku soon finds himself helpless against the mystical power of the Dragon Balls as he is accidently wished to be a child! After the wish is made this new set of Dragon Balls scatters not around the Earth but the entire galaxy. If they are not collected within a year the Earth will explode! Goku along with Trunks and Pan blast off in search of the balls. Goku, Trunks, and Pan stumble upon new friends, ferocious enemies, and extraordinary beings never encountered before.

Who is this Pan? Many of you may remember her from the end of Dragonball Z when she competed in the World Tournament. Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl, granddaughter of Goku. Born in the year 779 AD, she competes in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai when she is only 5 years old. She proves her Saiyan bloodline by completely wrecking her opponents, including Goten, her 17-year-old uncle. Pan plays a larger role in GT, where as a teenager she embarks on a long journey in space with Trunks and Goku to find all of the Blackstar Dragon Balls scattered across the galaxy. Originally, it was Goten who was supposed to travel with Trunks and Goku, but while Goten sleeps late, Pan sneaks onboard the ship and takes his place. She develops quite an attitude, and gets into a lot of trouble on different planets. Giru, the helpful little robot who travels with them, tries to protect Pan, but usually ends up getting yelled at by the independent teenager. However, deep down Pan really has feelings for the little guy. With the exception of Android 18, Pan is the most powerful female fighter in the anime series.

What are the Blackstar Dragon Balls?
The Black star Dragon was made by Kami when he and Piccolo were still one person. This dragon can do whatever you want, including killing someone. After your wish has been made the Dragon Balls spread around the entire galaxy not the planet the wish was granted on. Then you got the big problem, because if the Black star Dragon Balls aren't brought back to the planet where the wish was granted on that planet will blow up!

Here How They Work:
1. Must gather all seven Dragon Balls
2. Chant required
3. One wish per gathering
4. After the wish is made, Shenron will disappear
5. The Dragonballs will not turn to stone and scatter themselves around the galaxy
6. Shenron can grant ANY wish (including destroying people)
7. One year after a wish is made the planet the balls were used on last will explode

Who are some of these Lost Episode Characters?

Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy:
Mutchy Mutchy is one of Dr. Myuu's many henchmen. Mutchy Mutchy is the mastermind behind the construction of the Luud Robot, a powerful machine that draws energy from its victims. Mutchy Mutchy serves as the high priest of the Luud cult.

Ledgic: The personal bodyguard of Don Kea, Ledgic is the first enemy Goku and friends encountered in Dragon Ball GT. He was very strong, fighting Goku to a standstill until the Saiya-jin transforms. Ledgic is impressed by Goku's strength and gives up the battle, leaving his King to defend himself.

Lord Don Kee: He's the tyrant of Planet of Merchants Imegga in Dragon Ball GT series. He's a very greedy king with a little effeminate aspect. Everything touching his planet ground becomes his property, so even Trunks' space ship, fallen down because of a damage, has been taken by Don Kir's men. When even his very strong bodyguard Lezik is defeated by Goku, the tyrant is obliged to give up and bring back everything which Imegga inhabitants have had stolen.

Luud: An idol for some, a machine for others, but for Goku, Pan, and Trunks, it might just be their final resting place! The leaders of the Luud cult sacrifice anyone who disobeys them by turning their bodies into dolls and feeding them to Luud. Luud absorbs their energy into his own, and with enough energy it is believed it will come to life.

Laine: Daughter of the village elder, and one of the prettiest girls on planet Kurebo. Is to become Zuunama's betrothed. Has a Dragon Ball woven into her ponytail. Gets rescued by Goku, Trunks, and Pan.

Doma: Laine's true betrothed. A strong-bodied warrior, but not in the Z-fighters' class. He unmasks Zuunama as a fraud by cutting off one of his earthquake predicting whiskers.

The Para Para Brothers: The bizarre Para Para Brothers are sent to find the powerful Black Star Dragon Balls so that Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy may complete his twisted vision of bringing the Luud Robot to life. Their armor doubles as a boombox, which casts a spell over anyone who hears it, causing them to dance about. This gives the brothers an advantage in a battle.

Zoonama: A giant fish-like monster, he has the ability to cause massive earthquakes when he moves his antennas. He threatens a village by telling them to do what he says, or else he will create earthquakes. A plan to slice off his antennas happens, but it turns out that he could only predict earthquakes with them so now, he uses his ability to help the village.

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