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Main Rules

Follow these rules, if you brake one of them you will get a warning, second time will be suspension, and third time you will be banned
  1. PL is the power level your character has and determines how strong he is, be careful though, if this goes your DEAD. Speed is very important, it determines who goes first in normal battles and also helps you dodge. Defense is hard to come by so get it any way you can get it, your Defense can help you defend against attacks. Ki determines what kind of ki attacks you could use, if this runs out you can't do ki attacks anymore.
  2. You will get your own theme music for your character depending on who your character is. You can also choose your own theme music if you do not desire the one that is granted to you. 
  3. If a battle goes on and you lose you will die and the opponent can take your items and money or he can leave it if he's a good person. Some battles may consist as you lose if your power level drops under 1000. You don't die in Training.
  4. If I don't hear from you in a month I will give your character to someone else who wants it.
  5. When battling in tournament you don't need a ref., but in tournaments you do.
  6. If you go on vacation or move or something like that tell me so I don't take you off or something.
  7. You can learn other kinds of attacks with other masters and to do that you need a sort of ship or the ability to fly.
  8. The Dragonballs are found with a Dragon Radar and nothing more. Each day you get a Dragonball until you have them all.
  9. There are certain attacks for certain members so some moves you may not be able to learn.
  10. Before you ask me a question look at the FAQ to make sure your question isn't there.
  11. This is the main rule, absolutly NO TAMPERING WITH THE SITE, I promise you will pay if you do. 

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