Adult Gohan

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Name: Cooper
Age: 16
Race: 1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Human
Alignment: Good
Opening Attack: Kamehameha
Ending Attack: Kamehameha
Techniques/Attacks: Ki Blast
Biography: Goku and Chi Chi's first son, named after Goku's adoptive grandfather Gohan all grown up. Gohan is the only Saiyan to become Mystic, which is a special ability granted by Old Kai that allows Gohan access to his highest power level without having to go Super Saiyan at all. Gohan meets Videl in high school and they become good friends, and he teaches her how to fly. They fall in love, and at the end of DBZ, they have a daughter named Pan. Akira Toriyama originally wanted Gohan to become the main character, of the series, but the fans wanted Goku back, so Toriyama drifted away from Gohan to focus more on his father again.